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Title: Projeto e manufatura de um redutor de engrenagens para veículo Baja SAE
Other Titles: Design and manufacture of a gearbox for a Baja SAE vehicle
Authors: Motta Bier, Luiz Eduardo
Keywords: gearbox;baja;shafts;gears;housing;manufacture;machining
Issue Date: 5-Dec-2018
Publisher: Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte
Citation: Motta Bier, LE. Design and manufacture of a gearbox for a Baja SAE vehicle.2018. 67 p. Conclusion work project (Graduate in Mechanical Engineering) - Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte, Natal-RN, 2018.
Abstract: This conclusion work project describes the design and manufacture of a gearbox applied to the Baja SAE vehicle, for the Car-Kará Baja SAE team from Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte, aiming on the participation at the Baja SAE Brazil competition 2016. This project is divided in six stages: definition of the boundary conditions, conceptual project, engineering analysis, manufacturing, functional tests and competition results analysis. Boundary conditions were defined based on the desired vehicle performance and Baja regulation for SAE competitions. In the conceptual project stage a gearbox which attended the boundary conditions was idealized. The engineering analysis exposes the utilized methodology to dimension the main components of a gearbox: gears, shafts and housing. In this stage, project and engineering software (CAD and CAE – Computer-Aided Design and Engineering) was used for 3D modeling and for structural analysis of the components. The components manufacturing was carried in two separate ways: shafts and gears were machined outsourced, and the gearbox housing was machined at the university manufacturing lab, using a machining centre. The functional tests measured the performance with the use of a data acquisition system. The Car-Kará team performance in the 2016 National Baja SAE Brazil competition led to a 9th overall position among 74 teams, with the standing out results of 2nd position in the acceleration and maximum speed tests, which heavily rely on the gearbox performance.
Other Identifiers: 2016007928
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